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Can I replace my battery?
Last Updated 3 years ago

If the battery of your device is dead or no longer holds a good charge, you can replace it.

We recommend first making sure you followed the "battery calibration" described in user manual - this is to ensure the battery is not incorrectly calibrated and displaying and incorrect charge level. By following this simple procedure you can make sure your battery level is accurate when charges finishes.

If you actually need to replace your battery, you can order any quality Lithium On 1000mAh battery with compatible format 503450. You can find them in and (see or Sparkfun ( Note the connector usually included in these batteries is not the same as used in RF Explorer (JST 0.1") and therefore manual rework is required to reuse old connector in new battery, or ordering a separated pigtail with the correct connector. It is important to double check polarity of the connector BEFORE connecting the new battery.

We can also offer battery replacement services in our lab in Madrid, Spain, cost is $80 + Shipping.

Important: RF Explorer batteries are certified, high quality, protected Lithium Ion batteries. Using different batteries than recommended will put your device at risk. Incorrect battery manipulation can damage the battery, the device and even produce a fire.

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